Grab a group and share these 7 giant punches and cocktails

Allie Papajohn By Allie Papajohn | November 28, 2017 Views: 1,023 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share by Email Sharing is caring, y’all. At least when it comes to cocktails. If you haven’t jumped on the shareable drink train, get on board. “Much how the shared experience of eating brings people together, drinks also help create the mood and foster ‘togetherness,’” said Colleen Hughes, bar manager and genius mixologist at Haberdish. “Sharable drinks make small moments feel like special occasions, and they make people feel more open and willing to engage with each other.” Our friend Bob Peters of The Punch Room has a similar outlook. “Everybody is enjoying the exact same thing at the exact same moment,” he said. “It’s amazing. And what’s not to love about punch?” I can’t disagree. Here’s where you can find shareable cocktails around town.

Check It Out: Charlotte Agenda

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