Garden Cocktail Recipes from Bob Peters

HIGH ABOVE the city streets on the roof of the Ritz-Carlton in uptown, you’ll find a row of planters, filled with streaks of green climbing up trellises in the heat of the sun. Peppers, basil, mint, squash, cucumbers, and more find their places here, each marked with little wooden signs. The planters are kept green with an adjustable watering mechanism, allowing the hotel staff to maintain each one individually. Two beehives buzz nearby, cared for by Cloister Honey. Some of the garden’s bounty goes to Matt Carnivale, chef of The Punch Room, where it will be served as part of a small plate. But it’s the cocktail bar’s head mixologist, Bob Peters, who asked for the rooftop harvest. He carefully selected vegetables and herbs that work well in cocktails for the first season of the Ritz’s rooftop garden.

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Photography: Peter Taylor
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