Passwords, Punch Bowls, And Pizza: 8 Hotels You Didn’t Know Had Secret Restaurants And Bars Inside

Hottest New Restaurants in Charlotte 2015
It’s quite a time to travel. Airlines are offering lay down beds and showers and hotels are pulling out all the stops. From the way they interact with customers (or don’t, thanks to automated check-ins) to the amenities they’re rolling out–when hotels take their offerings to the next level, we all win. And the same goes for the restaurants and bars that hotels are bringing on board. Stepping away from chains and stepping back to focus on more bespoke experiences, hotels are really stepping up their game in a time when eating and drinking local are a big component to why people travel. And these secret restaurants and bars aren’t just another gimmick, the way they’ve really paid attention to the food and the drinks that they’re serving make them the real deal. And the best places to ease into exploring a new city.

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