CLTure Cocktail Hour: Bob Peters wants you to sit, relax and soak it all in

The 15th floor of the Ritz-Carlton may be an unlikely place you would expect to reconnect with an important piece of Charlotte’s culture. While much has changed in the city over the last 15 years, at some point you’ve probably been served a craft cocktail by Bob Peters. “I was actually born here, so I’ve seen a ton of change in the city and also in the bar and restaurant scene. I like what I see. Sure, I miss some places that have closed, but you have to embrace change because it’s inevitable.” Peters has been a staple in Charlotte’s cocktail scene for over 18 years, with experience dating back to the Porcupine Cafe, The Steeple Lounge (currently Peculiar Rabbit), Fat City, Tutto Mundo, and more.

Check It Out: CLTure

Photography: Jonathan Cooper
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